Reprogramming Rosie

Reprogramming Rosie

A Short Heterosexual Bondage Story.
Adult Content. 18+ Only.
4000 Words.

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What will Scott do now that his girlfriend has returned to him? Her kidnappers had tried to rob her of everything that made her special, but, to Scott’s amazement, they may have awoken her inner desires as well.

Reprogramming Rosie

Chapter One

Scott had looked away for a second, just a second. He’d looked behind him to check that they weren’t being followed. That was it. But that was all the leeway she’d needed. Her ‘programming’ had kicked in and, with one swift rip, another top had been destroyed.

Buttons flew, passers-by gasped, and a woman across the street covered her child’s eyes, but Rosie was smiling again. She was free of the confines of her shirt and was already making headway on removing her designer skirt as well. 

He had to hand it to her, for someone who was currently unable to think for herself, she was approaching the removal of her clothing with a single-minded determination that, before all this had happened, she’d only ever reserved for her clients.

Her breasts had been large before, but the people who had taken her had ‘made improvements’ and now, standing in the middle of the second busiest street in town, she was a sight to behold. Her double D’s were perfectly rounded, and the grin on her face told the silent crowd exactly how proud she was to be displaying them. A slave didn’t wear clothing, after all, and was, according to everything she’d told him when he’d found her, meant to be naked.

Scott was mortified. Apologising to the crowd, he did his best to cover her body and led her away from the street. It wasn’t her fault, he knew, but that didn’t change what had happened. Hustling her down a shortcut back to his house, he once again cursed the men that had done this to her. 

The woman he’d fallen in love with had been a successful lawyer. Highly educated and highly skilled, she’d been on the verge of starting her own firm when- Scott didn’t even want to think it; they’d taken her, pumped her full of their experimental drugs and overridden the Rosie he knew completely. 

The months of not knowing what had happened to her had taken their toll on him, as well. He’d spent endless hours researching, calling people and had, in desperation, wandered the streets on the off-chance that he’d find something, anything that might help.

In the end, it had been an ex-client who’d reached out to him. He’d seen the flyers Scott had plastered over town and had called him when he’d recognised her picture on an advert for online ‘entertainment’. He’d advised Scott against watching the clips, but his curiosity and need to make sure that it was her had out-stripped his common sense. That night he hadn’t slept, but in the morning, he’d woken with renewed determination and vowed that, no matter what, he’d get her back.

He’d called in every favour he had, worked directly with the local police, and, at one point, had to remind a member of the local cartel what Rosie had done for his brother in order to keep him out of prison, but it had worked. When the cops had raided the house she was being held in, he was there, and, every second after that, he’d been at her side.

“Rosie, sweetie,” he said as he hustled her back home. “You can’t just take your clothes off like that.”

“But they’re all wrong. It’s all wrong, Master. I don’t understand. I’m not permitted clothes. I have to be seen. You should be letting them see me. I have to perform for them; that’s what I’m for. I’m-“

“No, Rosie.” They’d had this conversation so many times. “No, darling, it’s not. You aren’t a slave; you’re a lawyer. You were going to go to the therapist, remember? He was going to help you get your memories back. We were going to get married.”

“You keep saying that, but you can’t marry a slave, Master,” Rosie pointed out, shrugging out of the jacket he’d wrapped her in as soon as the door closed. “I’m property. You can’t marry…well, if we moved state, then maybe. There was a case where- I think… Oh, no. I thought that I knew… But it’s gone. Apologies, Master. Slave will do better next time, please, let me make it up to you.”

She got down onto her knees and began to paw at Scott’s belt. He couldn’t take it anymore. 

“Rosie, no. Get up,” he said, praying for patience. This wasn’t the woman he loved. She’d have never done this, never been so air-headed and meek. She’d defended men and women against the most outrageous, most sickening accusations and done it with a backbone of steel. To see her now, looking up at him with her big blue eyes, not able to comprehend her own name, was too much.

He’d pocketed a sachet of the drug they’d been feeding her while talking with one of the officers after the raid, and reminding himself that it was for her own good, headed for the kitchen.

She followed, crawling on her hands and knees, assuring him that she was sorry and would do better next time. She kept repeating that she wanted to be punished, that she liked it and that it was OK; she understood. All she wanted was for her ‘Master’ to be happy.

Scott grabbed a glass from the cupboard and shuddered. The voice was right, the body as – well, it was almost the same – but the attitude was all wrong. He never wanted to hear her simper again. She was strong, damnit. She was a powerful woman; she shouldn’t- She wasn’t- She wasn’t a fuck-toy! She was going to be his wife. His equal, not his slave.

He shoved the glass under the tap, ripped the top off the plastic baggie and poured the lot into the water. He could barely bring himself to look at her as he stirred. The white powder dissolved slowly, and he had to take several calming breaths before he trusted himself to turn around.

When he did, his heart stood still. Her blond hair was falling over her naked shoulders, her impossibly blue eyes were staring at him, and her sculpted, red lips were ever so slightly parted. She’d lost her skirt and sandals somewhere between the front room and the kitchen, and she was kneeling at his feet as if it were the most natural thing in the world. 

He couldn’t think, couldn’t process the vapid but impossibly hopeful expression on her face. It was too much.

“Drink this,” he grunted, shoving the glass in front of her in one, awkward movement. 

“Yes, Master,” Rosie replied, and before Scott had a chance to regret his decision, downed it in one.

“You… You just…” Well, that was easier than I’d expected. “Remember,” he choked, pushing the words past the guilt clogging his throat. Don’t be poison. “Remember who you were before they took you, Rosie. Remember. We were going to get married; you’re a lawyer, you’re successful. You aren’t a slave.”

She blinked.

“I…” She blinked again, and Scott watched the struggle on her face as the two sets of conflicting instructions warred within her.

“Rosie,” he repeated. He wasn’t going to let them win. “Rosie, remember, for me. Do it for me. I know you’re in there. I know you can do it; I believe in you.” He knelt with her and placed his hands on her shoulders, staring intensely into her eyes. “You’re Rosie McGavin, top shot lawyer and sexy as hell badass blonde in heels. You’re my girlfriend, the love of my life. We met-“

“In high school. You jumped on our table, dropped an apple at my head and said that you couldn’t help it; it was gravitationally attracted to my-” Her face broke out in a smile that sent him back years. “Hot-ass bod.”

“Nothing’s changed,” he whispered. “You’re the centre of my world and-“

“You’re never letting me go,” she finished, and Scott felt tears of joy filling his eyes. “Scott,” she breathed. It was the first time she’d called him by his name since she’d returned. “It’s really you.”

“Yeah, Flower,” he replied, using the nickname he reserved for their alone-time. “It’s really me. I found you. I always will.”

“Oh, Scott,” she fell into his arms. 

“Shh,” he soothed, rubbing circles into her back. “It’s all OK, Flower. I’ve got you. It’s all going to be OK. You’re my Flower.”

“And you’re my Sun,” she whispered, burying her head in his neck. 

Scott smiled and held her tighter. “That’s right. I’ve got this. I’m gonna keep on shining on you for the rest of our lives. You’re safe now. No one’s ever gonna hurt you again.”

Chapter Two

It was the next morning, and Scott was watching his sleeping girlfriend hopefully. As the day had progressed, more of her memory had returned and, foreseeing the trauma that would accompany the memories associated with her time in captivity, had told her that she wouldn’t be upset when they did come back; that she was to think of it as if it had happened to another person, but that she would still understand the other person was her. She’d be able to talk about it in therapy and process all her feelings without suffering any lasting damage. She’d nodded and proceeded to recall their first date. Scott didn’t think he could get any happier.

Now, as he stroked her thick, blonde hair, he knew he’d been wrong. This was it. Happiness was here in this perfect moment. Nothing could steal this from him, and no one would take her away again. His Rosie. She was back. He’d done it. He’d-

“If you keep stroking me like that, I’m going to have to learn how to purr,” she mumbled, and Scott grinned. 

“Good morning, Petal,” he said and bent down to kiss her sleepy smile. 

“Morning, handsome,” she replied, stretching as she yawned and looked around. “So I’m not dreaming; I’m really home?”

“Yeah,” Scott agreed. “You’ve been back for a month, but, well,” he scratched the back of his neck. “It’s been a…process. I didn’t want to rush things and-“

“It’s OK,” Rosie said, tugging his arm until he gave in and allowed her to settle across his chest. “I remember. I wasn’t myself.”


“Although,” she added, sitting up and smirking in a way that caused Scott’s heart to skip a beat. “There was one thing I remember you doing that I wouldn’t say no to again.” She licked her lips and ran her hand across his abs. 

Scott swallowed. “Yeah?” he asked as his mind raced.

“Yeah.” Her voice had that tone to it…the one that spoke directly to his cock. 

Whatever they’d done to her before had stripped it from her, but this woman… She knew exactly what she wanted. Rosie was back.

“I’d been a bad girl and you,” she licked her lips again, and he saw her pupils blow wide with desire. “You took me to the basement and tied me up. You-“

“You liked that?” He’d only done it to shut her up, and he’d been wracked with guilt ever since. It had been so hot, but he’d had no way of knowing if the noises she’d made as he’d fucked her had been real.

So much,” she moaned. “You have no idea, Scott. The feeling of you throwing me over your shoulders and just-” The look on her face as she took in a steadying breath caused him to let out a low growl of desire. “Carried me off… Oh, Scott, I loved it. Have you any idea how good you look when you take charge? I dreamt about it every night after that. I prayed that you’d tie me up all over the house, that you’d learn how to make those pretty little designs and decorate my body with-” 

“Shibari? You want me to learn shibari?” Scott exclaimed and felt his chest tighten when he saw the look on her face.

“Oh, yes,” she breathed. “Imagine how beautiful you could make me, Scott and,” she moaned. “How helpless I’d be.” 

He already was. “Fuck.”

She leaned in. “You could wrap that pretty, pretty silk rope you have around my body before work. You could make sure the knots are pressed right against my pussy, so when I slide my panties on, I’ll already be wet. Imagine how horny I’ll be by the end of the day, Scott. Imagine how much I’ll be begging my Master to fuck me when I get home.”

“Oh, God.” He was. He really really was. She’d never said Master like that before. The Rosie who’d come back from that place had begged and whimpered, but this Rosie – the Rosie he’d fought to save – was saying it as if it were something she craved. “If you keep talking like that, I’ll end up doing it,” he warned, allowing her the chance to pretend that it was all for the sake of a good tease.

“Umm,” she purred. “Good. I liked it when you were my Master. I can remember everything you did and how it felt to crawl after you…” She trailed off and cupped one of her massive breasts in her hand. “I only wish that you had put a collar on me so that you could have had me on a lead. Do you think that we could do that? I promise to be a good girl if we do. I’ll be your pretty Petal to do with as you like behind closed doors.”

Scott let out a low growl of desire. 

“I want to be completely at your mercy, Master. I want to be bound and helpless, unable to stop you from doing the most depraved things and naughty things to me. I’ll let you bind my legs, stuff my pussy with toys and keep me under the desk as you work. You can even tie my hands behind my back, so I won’t be tempted to touch myself.” She licked her lips. “You could use my mouth and relieve all your frustrations through me then. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?”

“Yeah.” This time it was Scott’s turn to moan, and he reached out, taking her other breast into his hand. “Yeah, it does.”

“If I’m good, you could turn the toy on and leave me whimpering with desire,” she gasped, leaning into his touch. “Before,” she explained. “I was so horny. I wanted it all the time, and that hasn’t gone away. It’s just that now…” her breath hitched as Scott ran his fingers down her side. “Now, there’s a focus. I want you, Scott and I want you to be my Master. What happened to me- It was- It wasn’t all bad. I have to find the blessings and this-” He began to move across her belly, down towards her neatly trimmed hair. “Oh, God, Joh- Master. I want this! Fuck, that feels so good!” Scott was running his fingers along her lips, teasing her already wet pussy. “Please… Please, say you’ll do it. I need it, Master. I need you to say yes.”

Scott’s smile turned wicked. If he’d had any doubts about the sincerity of her words, her wetness had cleared them away. She wanted this. She was choosing him, and she wanted him to make her genuinely beg. What he’d had before was a pale imitation of a slave. She’d been more like a trained pet than a grown woman, but now…

“How could I say no to that?” Scott rumbled, leaning in to steal a kiss as his fingers slipped inside her. He heard her let out a moan of pure need and licked, signalling for her to open her mouth. When she did, he allowed the passion he’d been holding back to spill over, rolling her onto her back and pinning her as he gave her a steady, calculated finger fucking. He devoured each and every gasp she let out with his kisses, and before long, she was starting to squirm.

“Scott,” she cried. “Scott, I need… I need…”

“I don’t know who this Scott guy you keep talking to is,” Scott teased, swiping his thumb around her clitoris and delighting in the way she arched off the bed in response. “But I’ll be sure to let him know. I’m you, Master, after all, and I love seeing you like this.”

“Master!” Rose cried, staring into his eyes. The adoration and gratitude he saw in them made his heart sing. “Master, please, I need-“

He grinned. “I know, Flower. I know exactly what you need, because I need it too.” He wasn’t lying. That night had been life-changing for him as well. 

Pulling out of her, he licked his fingers clean as she watched, mewling at the loss. “So good,” he praised and wrapped his hands around her waist. She gasped when she felt him moving her, but it soon morphed into a surprised squeak when he threw her over his shoulder and climbed out of bed. They were both butt-naked, and he used the opportunity to slap her exposed ass a few times before she had a chance to adjust to what had happened. 

“Master!” she cried. “Master, you’re really… I’m- Ouch! Don’t stop! I love it! Oh, Master!”

He alternated between gentle slaps and teases the whole way to the basement, and when he arrived at the door, he squeezed her legs together. There was no chance she was going to wriggle free accidentally. “Well, Rosie,” he declared, opening it and heading down the wooden steps they’d installed together two years ago. “This is your last chance; after this, I’m going to tie you up and tease you until you’re begging for my dick. I’m going to take you right to the edge and keep you there over and over again. You’re going to be tied up, and there’ll be no way to escape.” He pulled her from his shoulder and placed her carefully to the ground before leaning in and whispering, “Unless you say the safe word. It’s Cinnamon.” They both hated the taste of the spice. “Do you understand, Rosie?”

He watched as her beautiful eyes widened, and she nodded, beaming up at him. “Yes,” she confirmed. “Yes, I want it all. Please. Please, keep me at your mercy, Master.”

Scott grinned. Today was going to be a very good day.

Chapter Three

They’d been in the process of renovating the room and turning it into a retreat from the craziness of their modern lives, when she’d been taken. The walls were a beautiful, sun-kissed cream; the floor was a rich, dark oak and had been outfitted with underfloor heating. They’d made sure to have the lights resemble candles, and – most importantly of all – there wasn’t a screen in sight. 

Rosie was on her back, lying on the massive, thick rug in front of their newly fitted wood-burning fireplace. Her legs were pulled up to her chest, knees resting against her shoulders, and her wrists were securely bound to her ankles with strong jute rope. Scott was idly fucking her with a vibrating dildo while discussing his fresh set of ideas for the renovation with her.

“Do you see that beam there?” he asked, pointing directly above them. “That’s a supporting beam. I can fit hooks to it and use it as an anchor point to suspend you from.” Rosie moaned and arched, trying in vain to get him to touch her clit. “You like the sound of that?” he teased. 

“Yes, Master,” Rosie replied. Her voice was breathless with desire, and it sounded wonderful. Scott wanted more.

He pinched her nipple and chuckled at the gasp it elicited from her. “Oh, my beautiful Flower, I’m going to have so much fun with you.” He trailed his hand along her thigh, tracing the outline of her toned muscle. “You’re going to live down here. I’m going to make sure that there isn’t a day that goes by that this gorgeous body of yours isn’t wrapped up in some kind of rope. You’re going to be sitting in your office feeling me wrapped around you, knowing exactly who you belong to.”

He punctuated each word with a fresh fucking from the dildo, and Rosie cried out. “Master! Yes! Yes! My flower’s yours! I belong to you! Please, do it! Do it all!”

“You’ll feel it and remember this.” He slid into position, ready to fuck her for the third time that morning. Pulling the toy out, he pushed his cock inside and felt her immediately tighten around him. She was so desperate. “Perhaps, if you’re a good girl,” he said as he began to thrust. “I’ll buy you a chastity belt and keep your pussy filled all day long. You’ll be able to walk around at work, and no one will be any-the-wiser about what’s underneath your tight black skirt.” He leant down and whispered in her ear. “Do you think you could do that for me, Rosie? Will you surrender your orgasms to your Master?”

The “Yes” that emerged from her sounded as if it’d been dragged from her very soul. “I- Need-” she gasped. “Want- YES! MASTER! TIE ME UP AND CLAIM EVERY INCH OF ME! I’M YOURS!”

“Mine,” Scott repeated, slamming into her pussy. “This is mine, and I’m gonna use it, Rosie. You’re here for my pleasure, and you don’t cum unless I decide you do. You’re gonna be so horny, my Flower. When you’re down here, you aren’t gonna be able to think about anything but how badly you need to be used.” Her breasts were bouncing with every thrust, and the sight was hypnotic. “I’m going to buy clamps for those perfect nipples and attach little bells to them so I’ll be able to hear you wherever you are. I’m going to keep you panting with need, Petal. You’re all mine now. You can’t escape.”

“Yes! Yes, Master! Yours! I want it so badly! Fuck! Yes! There! OH, MASTER! YES! PLEASE! PLEASE CAN I CUM?”

“Not yet, hold on,” Scott replied, speeding up and angling himself so that he was hitting her sweet spot every time. She was squeezing him so perfectly. “You can do it. Show your Master why he chose you. If you’re a good girl, I’ll buy you a Sybian and tie you to it while we eat dinner.”

Rosie groaned and tried to buck up to meet his thrusts. “YES! YES! YES!” she cried. Her eyes were flooded with desire, and Scott knew he’d found a winner. 

“I’ll let you struggle, tie your hands behind your back and fix your legs firmly in place on either side of the saddle,” he told her, redoubling his efforts to keep her on edge for as long as he could. “And have you by my side. I’ll stroke your hair as you cry out for me. You’ll cum and cum and-” He thrust harder, meeting her stare. “Cum for me,” he commanded, and felt her clamp down. 

She shook, convulsing as her body was consumed by her orgasm. “Ma-st-er!” she screamed, and he watched as her eyes rolled back in her head. He never stopped fucking. “You’re mine, Rosie. You’re my bondage slut, and I’m keeping you. Fuck.” He was holding on by the skin of his teeth. “So good. Look at me, Rosie. Look at your Master.”

He could feel the effort it took her to focus on his face, and the unapologetic desire that filled her eyes finally sent him over the edge.

His core tightened, and he cried her name. “Rosie! Fuck! Love you!” Spilling into her, he forced himself to keep pumping, dragging every last drop of pleasure he could from her before collapsing and pressing his lips to her neck.

“My Flower,” he hummed and grinned when she let out a contented sigh. “I promise, I’m going to give you everything.”

“Everything?” she asked. She sounded as if she didn’t quite believe what she was hearing.

“Everything,” he repeated. “I’m going to make your dreams come true, Rosie.”

She turned her head and pressed herself against him.

“You belong to me now,” he assured her. “And I’m going to see you bloom.”

The End

Copyright © 2021 by Julia Rivers

All rights are reserved. This story, or any percentage thereof, may not be replicated or used in any way of any kind without the direct written consent of the author; except for the use of brief extracts in a book critique or academic journal.

All characters and events in this novel are fictional, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or deceased, is purely coincidental.

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