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Pull up a chair. I’m Julia and I’m here to write custom erotica for you.

With a degree in counselling and 10 years of erotic writing under my belt, I’ll guarantee you an empathetic, judgement free ear and a wicked personalised story you’ll love.

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Here’s what you need to know. I’m going to write exclusive erotica just for you. All you need to do is tell me what you want and I’ll do the rest.

Go ahead. Tell me your naughtiest fantasy so that I can bring it to life on the page. I can’t wait to hear your ideas.

If you’re thinking about hiring a writer, then Julia will offer you the best experience you can get!

Apricots188 – Five Star

How To Order

Step One: Fill out my Order Form

  • Fill out my order form and tell me your ideas.
    • It’s fine if you’d like to keep it vague – I enjoy filling out the details – or have an extremely specific scene in mind. I’m here to give you the story that you want.

Step Two: Receive your Invoice and make your Payment

  • I use PayPal so you know your stories in safe hands.

Step Three: See your Place in the Queue

  • Congratulations! Your order is officially on the go! Find your name in my calendar and sit back while I work my magic.

Step Four: Enjoy!

  • Your story will be delivered directly to your inbox, so be sure to check in regularly and bookmark the link!

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Julia was nothing short of phenomenal from start to finish. Her enthusiasm was immediate and infectious, and the performance she delivered was absolutely dazzling — dramatic and natural all at once, with every line brought to life with sensuality and passion. She perfectly intuited the intonation and emphases of every line in quite a complex script and brought exactly the kind of energy I’d asked for to the reading. The final product is incredible and she was a real joy to work with. If you need an actress or a writer for your erotic project, I don’t see how you could possibly do better than Julia!! Absolutely a 5-star service in every respect.


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