Short Stories

The Girl on The Train
Complete lesbian short story

Rina didn’t expect much when she got on the train after completing her ‘networking’ assignment, but when her eyes fell upon the woman she was seated next to, everything changed.

Reprogramming Rosie
Complete heterosexual short story

What will Scott do now that his girlfriend has returned to him? Her kidnappers had tried to rob her of everything that made her special, but, to Scott’s amazement, they may have awoken her inner desires as well.

Inspection Time
Complete heterosexual short story

My heels click across the floor, and I chuckle. You’re quite a sight to behold. “It’s good to see that you’re finally embracing your new uniform. Oh, don’t pout. You were the one who signed the contract; you took the demotion.” I run my hands over your waist, feeling the soft fabric beneath them. “You agreed to work for me for twelve months.”

The Diary of A
Complete heterosexual short story

I never did find out why you were on the flight. But it was my experience with you that proved to me – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that I’d made the right decision.

Novels and Novellas

Deals of Desire
Complete gay novel

Hisao is a gladiator who has never lost a fight, and Caeleb, is a criminal who has never been caught. Both men are equally cunning, utterly ruthless and, above all else, determined to triumph. But who will be standing when the dust of battle settles? To the victor go the spoils, but is this a fight they really want to win?

Locked in His Mind
Complete bisexual threesome novella

On the surface best friends John and Connor had everything sorted out. They had a house, they paid their bills and went out with friends on a weekly basis. Scratch off the veneer, however, and it all falls apart. They’re in need of radical change. When a local ‘companion droid’ named QP-id decides to ‘help’, the men’s lives are forever changed. What happens next will ensure that the two of them are never alone again but will they embrace their new reality, or will they reject their unanticipated gift?


Silence of the Hunters – A Hannibal/Hunter x Hunter crossover
Ongoing work co-authored with Seth Ishtar
52+ chapters (novella and novel length)
Written from each characters PoV
All sexualities and genders covered as well as BDSM, Pet Play, Vore and Objectification.

Hannibal Lecter is a therapist with a secret double life and Hisoka Morow is a Hunter who has narrowly escaped death, only to be held on suspicion of mass murder. Usually, he wouldn’t mind, but this time, the murders weren’t actually committed by him. Chrollo Lucilfer was the one who planted the bombs; he’s the one who needs therapy, not Hisoka…

It Takes Time to Find a Home
Complete Hunter x Hunter/Black Clover fanfiction
Short Story

Zora can’t understand why he keeps running into Hisoka, or why Hisoka keeps finding him, but he’s sure as hell going to find out.

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