The Diary of A

The Diary of A

Short, First Person Heterosexual Coming of Age Short Story.
Adult Content. 18+ Only.
2365 words.

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I never did find out why you were on the flight. But it was my experience with you that proved to me – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that I’d made the right decision.

The Diary of A: Leaving Massachusetts

June 1st: Thank You.

Do you know what’s weird? The fact that this doesn’t feel stranger. I have my whole life in a bag, but things have never felt so right. I wonder if you’d understand? Would you embrace the decision I made that night as I drunkenly howled at the moon with my newfound ‘friends’ and had my epiphany, or would you reject it?

I never did find out why you were on the flight. But it was my experience with you that proved to me – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that I’d made the right decision. 

The moment I stepped foot onto the Airbus, everything clicked into place. I realised that I was free. Really free. My entire future flashed before me, and…there were so many possibilities. I didn’t have to hold back anymore. I was among strangers; I could be anyone. I could be me.

I knew the woman I’d been before. I was the redhead who’d asked the Universe for guidance and agreed to follow whatever it gave me. But, as I’d walked along the aisle of the plane, I’d realised that I didn’t know who I’d become. I’d never experienced anything like the heady exhilaration that came from knowing that there was no going back. I’d never known euphoria like this, and I wanted more. It was intoxicating. It was better than any high I’d ever had; the total freedom and lack of expectation that came with anonymity had gone straight to my head, and my pussy clenched in anticipation. It knew where this kind of feeling led.

I’m getting horny all over again just writing this. You must’ve thought that I was drunk when I first sat down – I was so excited. I couldn’t keep the grin from my face.

My cream summer skirt barely covered my knees, and my red strappy top had your full attention before you realised that you were staring. It was kinda cute, actually. I liked it. Your deep brown eyes were strangely soothing, and the flush of embarrassment that ran up your neck when you realised that you’d been caught staring was too adorable for words. For a brief moment, I imagined running my fingers through your short hair just to find out if it was really as soft as it looked, but I thought better of it. I almost regret that decision now, but that would have changed what happened, and I can’t say that I regret a single moment of that, so I’ll live with not knowing. There’s always a choice, and the one I made on that plane with you was an unforgettable one.

We had the back row all to ourselves. You’d booked it for the legroom, and I’d booked it for the cheap window seat, so it worked out well for both of us. I was wild-eyed as I buckled myself in and the feeling of the tight straps around my waist did nothing to help calm my arousal. The glances you kept shooting my cleavage were fueling my fire, and I knew that, one way or another, before the flight had finished, I’d’ve cum.

Before, in my previous life in Massachusetts, I’d’ve squirmed in my seat and suppressed the wild fantasies that always tried to break into my thoughts whenever I wasn’t actively concentrating on something. I’d’ve shot you nervous glances and wondered if you knew how turned on I was. I would’ve imagined you taking me in the bathroom, the aisle, and right there, in the chairs. The fact that everyone would turn around and watch would’ve just added to the fun. They’d see how horny I was, how happy you were making me. They’d see your cock pounding into me, watch as I arched and moaned, loving the way you were using me, and savouring every second of it. The pleasure you would give me would be so overwhelming that they’d watch me cum again and again until I would beg for you to find your own release. I’d need you to share my bliss. To bask in the glory of what we’d just done, and I wouldn’t be fully satisfied until you did. 

I met your eyes again and smirked. For past me, that would’ve only ever been a fantasy, but for present me? For a second, I considered letting my arm graze yours but decided against it. Not yet. I could savour this feeling for a little longer. You’d be worth the wait.


You grabbed the seat during take-off, and I saw your knuckles go white. You were strong, and your eyes were wild, but when I laid my hand over yours on the rest and laced my fingers through them, you blinked in shock. When I squeezed, the tension left your shoulders and, as we soared into the sky, we never looked away from each other. It was magical. In that moment, we shared a bond that I’ll never forget.


We were over the Atlantic when the waitress came by with her drinks. You grabbed yourself a beer and, after finding out that they didn’t do whiskey sours, I ordered a glass of red wine. 

I hadn’t considered the effect the combination of turbulence and your still shaking arms might have as I placed the ‘glass’ to my lips, but I did manage to get enough of a taste to know that wearing the rest was the better choice.

You looked mortified. Not only had it soaked through my top and into my bra, but the glass had landed in my lap, spilling the last of its contents with it. My pussy was drenched for an entirely different reason now. 

I told you that it was fine, that I had a complete change of clothes in my bag and that my entire outfit had cost less than the drink. You still looked like you were going to protest, but I held my finger to your lips before you could offer to pay for a pointless dry cleaning bill. The skirt had been a five dollar thrift-store discovery, the top a hand-me-down from a cousin and my underwear may have been designer, but I’d found them in the bargain basement bin at my hometown’s flea market. 

Nothing I was wearing was worth saving, but when I reached the restroom, I discovered that maybe, just maybe, going for the red wine, had been a mistake. 

I’d deliberately packed light, pairing everything down until I had enough to fit into my backpack and nothing else. My entire life was, quite literally, in a bag. I had my credit card, a few days worth of clothes and a phone that my provider had assured me would work in Europe. 

What I didn’t have, it seemed, was any underwear. In my mind, I replayed that morning’s events, picturing the neat pile of silk and lace by my bed. I then recalled my mother’s tenth ‘stop by’ of the day and how I’d hastily shoved the more risque items under my bed. My trusty vibrator along with them.

I stared into the mirror and burst out laughing. My underwear was still there. 

“Good luck with the spring cleaning, mom,” I said and pulled out my long olive wrap-around skirt. “Just don’t look in the shoebox if you don’t want to have to explain to Father Frederick why my bullets go buzz instead of bang.”


By the time I got to my seat, I was fully clothed and entirely indecent. The shock on your face as I slid past you and opened the slit of my skirt to reveal my creamy, rounded thigh along with a snapshot of my pantiless pale ass, was priceless.

I settled into my seat and leaned across to whisper in your ear. I knew exactly how you could pay me back. “I assure you,” I said, pulling the expensive-looking cotton aside to reveal my glistening and neatly shaven pussy beneath. “The carpet matches the drapes. Now, I believe you need to atone for your transgression.”

You were fully hard already.

“You’ve been a bad, bad boy and-” I snaked my fingers along your arm, watching goosebumps form on your skin. Your breath hitched. “You’re going to have to earn my forgiveness. This Goddess demands total compliance from all her subjects.” 

You shivered, and I squeezed your hand in reassurance. 

“What say thee?” I licked the shell of your ear. “It’s going to be a full flight commitment, and this is your penance. I’m not going to return the favour. You’re going to sit there and use these big, strong hands to please me the entire way.”

You tightened your fingers around mine and swallowed. I watched as your cock twitched in your pants, and I pulled your hand up to my mouth. 

You turned to face me then.

I sucked two of your fingers inside, and you let out a moan that was so laced with need that I clenched in response. “What say thee?” I asked again, pulling you out and directing you towards where we both needed you to be. “Will you atone for your sins?”

It was my turn to moan then. When you nodded, I pushed you into position and gasped at the feeling of you cradling my entire sex in your hand. You were perfect.

“Yes…” I gasped and slid your middle finger inside me. I was soaking wet. Turning to you with hooded eyes, I whispered, “Now, let me show you what else you can do.”


And I did. We stayed like that the whole way over the Atlantic. You brought me to the brink of ecstasy over and over again, allowing me to direct your strong, sure fingers and teach you how to topple me over the edge only when I decided you’d earned it. The feeling of you caressing my clit and sliding in and out of me whenever I desired was awe-inspiring, and by the time the lights had gone out – and the elderly couple in front of us had started to snore – I’d already decided that I was going to repay you. I’d lost count of the number of orgasms you’d given me, and this Goddess wasn’t beyond offering her subjects a blessing for their hard labour. 

Holding my finger up to my lips, I signalled for you to remain silent before pulling your hand from between my legs and holding it up to your mouth. You opened eagerly for me, and I pushed your pussy coated fingers inside before kissing your cheek. The quiet moan you let out was music to my ears.

Carefully, I slid out of my seat until I was kneeling in front of you and unzipped your pants. You froze in shock and began to protest, but I silenced you with a look.

Reaching in, I pulled out your cock and grinned. It wasn’t just your hands that were impressive.

Licking my lips, I eagerly set about my task. You were fantastic. You filled my mouth completely, causing my lips to form a perfect seal around it and stifling the groan of delight I let out as I tasted you. 

You’d been hard for so long that you were already leaking, and as I moved my tongue along the underside of your dick, I felt your legs begin to shake. You were already so close.

I bobbed, stroked and lapped, teasing you the same way you’d tantalised me earlier. 

You squirmed. 

You’d kept your fingers in your mouth as a makeshift gag, and, when I looked up, I saw the agony on your face as you fought to hold against the tsunami of pleasure that was threatening to take you over.

Your brown eyes said a thousand words that I knew you’d never would: Thank you. I need more. I never want this to end. How did this happen? Is this real? I want you. I don’t know you. I want to do this forever. I’m never going to see you again… I need to cum.

‘I know,’ I thought. ‘I know. I feel it too. Cum for me.’

I nodded, and you let the floodgates loose. 

You tasted delightful. I swallowed every drop.


I never did get your name. You hugged me when we landed and again when we’d made it through customs and out onto solid ground. You pulled me in so tightly that it felt like you never wanted to let go. I completely understood. My life had forever changed in the sky too.

“Thank you,” you whispered. They were the only words you ever said to me, and I decided to show you what our meaning had meant to me with a kiss. When I pulled back, your eyes had a life to them that hadn’t been there before.

“No need to thank me.” I stroked your cheek. “Go out and honour your Goddess. Live the best life you can, and never let that smile fade from those perfect lips. I know you can do it.”

You left with a stunned look on your face and renewed determination in your step.

Now, as I sit on my hotel bed and write these words, I wonder if I should have asked for your number. But, no, I believe in you. Wherever you are, I know you’re thinking of me and honouring your Goddesses wishes.

I’m Annie, by the way, and if you’re reading this, I want you to know that I still haven’t bought any underwear, so I hope you’re ready to atone. I never said that you could peak just once. But then again, tongues are useful for more than just apologising.

The End

Copyright © 2021 by Julia Rivers

All rights are reserved. This story, or any percentage thereof, may not be replicated or used in any way of any kind without the direct written consent of the author; except for the use of brief extracts in a book critique or academic journal.

All characters and events in this novel are fictional, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or deceased, is purely coincidental.

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