About Me

Julia Rivers

“My job isn’t to write porn, nor is it to titillate the masses with my audio creations. No, my job is to see you and to listen to what you desire. My job is to hear what you’re telling me and understand what lies underneath. What words are whispered into the silence, between the pauses and the denials, between the gaps and the hesitations. My job is to see you and to show you that you are valid. Your kinks aren’t shameful, nor are they repulsive. Then, and only then, will I create an erotic piece specifically for you.” 

Orgasms and pleasure aren’t the problem. The demonisation of what is natural is.

Julia Rivers

What I Do

I’m an author and voice actress who creates bespoke erotic audio and fiction to order.

With hundreds of orders under my belt, I’m here to work with you to create a bespoke piece that you’ll never forget.

Why I do It

The short answer is: Because I enjoy it. The longer answer, however, is a bit more complex.

I truly believe in the wonder, potency and validity of sex and want to celebrate it in every way possible. Orgasms are not only powerful things, but they’re necessary tools for healing and health as well. It’s my goal is to help as many people as I can experience the pleasure of a truly fantastic climax.

Growing up, I never understood the shame and stigma surrounding sex – It sounded fascinating to me – And so, when the chance to study it more closely came up, I didn’t think twice. I completed my degree in Counselling and wrote my dissertation on polyamory and modern notions of fidelity within relationships.

Now, over a decade later, I’m still exploring. Sex will never be a subject that gets old and through my audio and writing, I get to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with the world. One orgasm at a time.

What I can Do for You

I’ll create bespoke audio/erotica, just for you.

Have a fantasy you’ve never told anyone about? Or an idea that you’ve never quite managed to get down onto the page? I’m here to listen. Whatever it is, you can tell me and I’ll bring it to life.

I’ll cut to the core of what turns you on and serve up a salacious story, just for you.

No matter how kinky or vanilla it might be, I’ll have your your cock begging for more and your pussy soaking your pretty little panties right through.

So what Next?

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