Inspection Time

Inspection Time

Short, First Person Heterosexual Feminisation Short Story.
Adult Content. 18+ Only.
1553 words.

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My heels click across the floor, and I chuckle. You’re quite a sight to behold. “It’s good to see that you’re finally embracing your new uniform. Oh, don’t pout. You were the one who signed the contract; you took the demotion.”
I run my hands over your waist, feeling the soft fabric beneath them.
You agreed to work for me for twelve months.”

Inspection Time

My heels click across the floor, and I chuckle. You’re quite a sight to behold. “It’s good to see that you’re finally embracing your new uniform. Ohh, don’t pout. You were the one who signed the contract; you took the demotion.”

I run my hands over your waist, feeling the soft fabric beneath them.

You agreed to work for me for twelve months.” I lean in and whisper, “No one forced you. No one made you stare at me the whole time and not read what you were signing. I have standards, and I expect them to be upheld. Unlike you, I want this company to thrive.”

I see a flair of anger in your eyes.

“Ah-ah, no talking. You aren’t the boss anymore, and I like my PAs to be seen, not heard. You’ll learn how to behave properly now that you’re dressed the part. But…” I sigh dramatically. “We need to make sure that everything’s correct. I only accept the best, after all.”

Stepping back, I smirk. I always enjoy the thrill of power, but this is on a whole new level. This used to be your office, the staff all used to work for you, and now you’re here, like this. I can see the humiliation burning in your cheeks and lick my lips.

You may have been Malcolm Allbright, inheritor and owner of Allbright Cosmetics, but you aren’t anymore.

“Stand up straight, chin up. No secretary of mine’s going to slouch on the job. That’s it: Shoulders back, chest out. Umm, good job, even your name badge is in place…Alice. Ah-ah! I said, ‘no talking’.” I give you a quick spank on your ass and watch as your pupils widen. “Don’t make me have to remind you again. I don’t like repeating myself.”

In the silence that follows, the click of my heels is all that can be heard as I continue my inspection.

“Well, it appears that you’ve managed to put your little black dress on properly.” I lean in and sniff your neck. “And you’ve used the correct scent – I do love Ghost Deep Night – But let’s see if you’ve paid attention to more than just the surface level requirements.”

I smooth my hands over your dress. “Well, well, miracles never cease. That corset’s done wonders for your waistline, but have you managed to fasten it correctly?”

You gasp when I move down to your stomach. 

“Such a good girl. I knew the front clasp would be the perfect starting point for you.” I pat your side. “We’ll work you up to the tight-lacing later. You need to earn that hour-glass figure.” I chuckle darkly. “And you’ll need to come in early for me to tighten it for you when we do.” 

Leaning in again, I whisper, “Just imagine, my hands around your waist as you take in that breath, and I cinch you tighter… Pulling on those strings as I fasten you in… Permanently locked into your new womanly body for your Lady Julia….” I stroke the nape of your neck. “You’ll be my good girl, Alice, won’t you? You’ll submit.”

You shudder and nod. The inspection continues.

“And you’ve even got your bra on. Umm, it feels good to be supported, doesn’t it? Such soft, silken fabric against your small, hairless chest. You did get that wax, didn’t you? Let me see.”

I pull at the front of your dress and look inside, laughing at what I see. “As smooth as the day you were born, and you’ve even managed to give yourself some cleavage! It’s amazing what a good red wonderbra can do, isn’t it? The shade even matches your new manicure. Don’t worry; you’ll get used to having long nails… Every woman here already has, after all. Now… Why don’t we make sure that the rest of your underwear’s up to company standards, humm?”

You tense. 

“Don’t narrow those pretty brown eyes at me. You’ve done such a good job of following the makeup tutorials I sent you; it’d be a shame to ruin your mascara. Such delicate, smokey lids and sculpted brows; that waxer really was worth the money, I can assure you. She’s brought out your natural feminine features so perfectly. And those lips… Umm, usually I’d say that red should be reserved for the boss, but for you….” I pop open my lipstick and hold it up for you to see. “I think we’ll use the new ‘permanent’ shade. It’s still experimental, but you don’t mind, do you? Your lips deserve to be forever flushed with excitement; after all, pretty girls are always ready to please… And you do want to please me, don’t you? You want to ensure that you fulfil the terms of your contract to the letter because you know what’ll happen if you don’t, don’t you?” 

I chuckle again. We both know that your father would disown you if he found out you failed in your business venture.

“I thought so. Now, bend over my desk and show me your panties. Don’t make me wait. This will be your morning routine for the next 12 months, Alice, so you better get used to it.”

I watch as, reluctantly, you do as I command. “Yes, that’s it, good girl, pull your dress up. I want to see everything… Oh, my dear, those red French-lace knickers really do make your ass look so good. So round and-” I spank you again and listen to your moan of delight. “Spankable! And you even found a matching suspender belt.” 

I flick it. The sound it makes is music to my ears. “How wonderful! They’re nice and tight; there’s no way these beautiful, silken stockings are coming off now. Umm, they accentuate your legs wonderfully, and oh! They’re so soft! Don’t you love how they feel against your skin after you’ve gotten rid of all that pesky hair? Everything feels so much more immediate, doesn’t it? So velvety. I bet you love how my hands feel as I stroke them, don’t you?”

You moan, and my lips pull up into a predatory smile.

“And you’re wearing your high heels too. I bet you were wondering what that little latch around your ankle was for, humm? Well, my darling, let me show you.” I crouch down, and you turn to watch what I’m doing. “You see these? These lovely heart-shaped locks?”

You gasp.

“Yeees, that’s right. They fit here.” I slide the padlock into place and click it shut, sealing you into your new shoes. “And here.” Another click. “And they stay on until the end of your shift. We can’t have you tempted to take them off now, can we? Especially with your new standing desk. I want to be able to appreciate all of you. Speaking of which….”

I stand up and pick a discrete controller off my desk. Your eyes widen, but I ignore you and press the button anyway. You let out a shocked gasp that quickly devolves into a moan of pleasure, and I see your hands tighten their hold on my desk.

“Such an obedient employee. You wore the plug I gave you. Now I know you’ll work hard for your rewards….” I stroke your ass and feel you shake beneath my fingers. “And this sumptuous backside will always be ready for me, won’t it, my darling? Such delicate lace, hiding away our naughty little secret.” I turn up the intensity. “Yeees, that’s it, my sweet, squirm for me. I need to make sure that everything’s kept inside. I know you’re small, but if there’s even the slightest chance that you’ll disgrace me, then we’ll have to fit you out with a cage. So, let’s see what you look like when you’re fully upright. That’s it, pull your dress down. We don’t want any unsightly bumps where they don’t belong.”

I look down, laugh, and your cheeks burn. “Is that really all it takes to contain you? A nice tight body-con dress and some French-lace knickers? Oh, you were built to be my girl, weren’t you?”

I lean in. 

“Well then, let’s put on the final touch, shall we? I’ve had this wig made especially for you… After I’ve put it on your pretty little head, it won’t come off, not without the use of my personal solvent, anyway. What? Did you think that lipstick was all I specialised in? I graduated in chemistry with honours from Oxford. No, sweetie, this is only a taste of what I’m capable of. Now, lean forward. I want to see these luscious locks flowing over your pretty shoulders….”

You hesitate for a second and I glance towards the contract on my desk. Allbright cosmetics was to be your father’s legacy. I turn the vibrator off, and you swallow. 

You nod and bend forward, allowing me to slide the wig into position and glue it in place. I hum happily and arrange your hair as you straighten. 

“Yes. Now you’re perfect. We’re going to have such a happy 12 months together… And, Allice, I’m going to inspect you Every. Single. Day.” Your dark locks curl over your shoulders and I step forward, pressing my hands against your tiny breasts. 
“You’re my good girl now.”

The End

Copyright © 2021 by Julia Rivers

All rights are reserved. This story, or any percentage thereof, may not be replicated or used in any way of any kind without the direct written consent of the author; except for the use of brief extracts in a book critique or academic journal.

All characters and events in this novel are fictional, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or deceased, is purely coincidental.

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