Morning Thought: Originality in Erotica

How about I ask you to come up with an entirely new sexual position? Could you do it? No? So why are you worrying about your writing? We all know there are no new positions, only new ways to experience them, so apply the same logic to your writing. What makes your story unique, is you, and you’re enough.

Morning Thought: Creativity is Like Sex

Creativity is like sex. If you spend too much time doing the same thing for too long, it becomes boring. If you spend too little, you wonder if you’ll ever be able to do it again, and finding that sweet spot is, sometimes, really hard.

Morning Thought: Don’t know where to start with your erotica? I’ve got you!

Erotica isn’t an easy genre to write for, but it is extremely satisfying. I know how daunting starts can be and I also know that sex scenes are very intimidating. But the way to get over your fear, is to face it. Find your characters voice by throwing them into a scenario and discovering what they do next!