Frequently Asked Questions

We all need answers from time to time, so, if you have a question, feel free to ask. There are, however, some questions that I can answer for you right away.

  • Can I watch you write?
    • I’m afraid not, no. It’s never as sexy as you think and I work best without an audience (in this case *wink*.) You can, however, receive copies of your work at whatever milestone markers we agree upon.
  • How long should my story be?
    • A typical 2000 word story consists of a background, a builder and one sex scene/climax, so if you have a very specific scene in mind, I’d recommend that option. If, however, you were wanting more than one ‘event’ to happen – I’d give around 1000 words for each – then choose the longer options.
  • How many pages will I get?
    • 1000 words is around 4 pages
    • 2000 words will be around 6 pages
    • 3000 words will be approximately 8 pages… I’m sure you’ve spotted the pattern.
  • What types of stuff do you write?
    • I will write any kind of erotica you wish, as long as it doesn’t involve underage people or real animals. If you would like a more detailed list of what I am experienced with, then have a look here and if you have any further questions, then feel free to contact me.
  • How explicit will it be?
    • It can be as explicit, or suggestive as you like. When you order, you will be asked the level of detail you wish, so select whichever is appropriate for you.
  • Do you write fanfiction?
    • Yes, I do and I also appreciate that writing for specific fandoms requires the characters to be consistent, so if I’m not familiar with the fandom you would like me to write for, I’ll research it for you.
  • Can I use this for commercial purposes?
    • If you wish me to write something for you for you to use commercially, that can be arranged. When filling in the order form, please indicate that you would like to order this for commercial purposes, otherwise I will retain all rights to the copy.
  • Do you do longer works?
    • I do. If you would like to contact me to talk about a commission that’s longer than 10,000, then please email me and we can discuss the details.
  • Do you do gay stuff?
    • Oh yes! Gay, bisexual, queer, trans – the lot. I’m bisexual myself and so am intimately familiar with the community.
  • Yeah, but my kink is weird…are you OK with writing it?
    • I am, yes. As long as it doesn’t involve real animals or underage persons, I’m fine to write it, but if you would prefer to ask me first, feel free to message me. I assure you, you aren’t alone in your desires.

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