Absolutely fantastic. Followed my outline, and added her own creativity to make it even better. Very highly recommended!

Meninge1014 – Five Star

Custom Erotica, Audio & Ghost Writing!

The choice is yours! Pick what you want, then tell me all about it!

Julia is the real deal. My prompt was super tricky, necessitating a bunch of time skips and a delicate balance in tone. Julia delivered a white hot piece that effortlessly does both. I was hoping for a steamy piece hitting all my buttons. What I didn’t expect was characters I’d love to know outside of the bedroom as well! Absolutely recommended!

Reluctantacc – Five Star

Story Packages

This sounds great! What do I get if I order a story from you?

When you order a personalised erotic story, you will receive the following:

  • One to one discussion of your idea.
    • I’ll talk with you about your ideas and make sure that everything you want is included.
    • I’ll make sure that the package you choose is the right one for you and the world you want to create.
  • Revisions that work with you.
    • Each package comes with it’s own number of revisions and so we’ll find the one that fits you.
  • Personal digital copy of your story.
    • You’ll have a copy of your story that you can keep forever.

Ghost Writing

I want you to ghost write my story, what can I expect?

When you order a ghost written story from me, you will receive the following:

  • One to one discussion of your idea, world building and character design.
    • I’ll have in depth discussions with you about your story and what you want from it. I’ll cover all necessary topics and keep you up to date with the progress of the work.
  • Ongoing access to Google Chat.
    • You’ll be able to check in with me via Google Chat.
  • Revisions that work with you.
    • After discussing your story, we will talk about the number of revisions it will have and how that process will work in order to produce the best product for your market.
  • Digital copy of your story for you to sell.
    • You will have the copywrite for your story.

High quality writing, creative, versatile and can write using a wide range of challenging outlines! Excellent communication.

Fictionwriter19 – Five Star

Special Someone?

Stuck for a way to wow your significant other?

Whether it’s a kinky game of cops and robbers or a re-telling of the night you first met, I’ve got you covered.

I’ve written many stories for couples, so, sweep them off their feet with a personalised tale of steamy romance and revelry.

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