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You’re into erotica but nothing you’ve read has quite hit the spot?

Well, let’s fix that.

  • Do you know what you like?
  • Have you craved a story that hits your specific kink?
  • Do you want to talk through your ideas with someone who’s both sex-positive and creative?

Well lets go! You’ll find everything below that you need in order for me to create the perfect story for you. This is your chance to turn your dream into a reality, so don’t hold back!

The Process

Step One: Fill out my Order Form

  • Fill out my order form and tell me your ideas.
    • It’s fine if you’d like to keep it vague – I enjoy filling out the details – or have an extremely specific scene in mind. I’m here to give you the story that you want.

Step Two: Receive your Invoice and make your Payment

  • I use PayPal so you know your stories in safe hands.

Step Three: See your Place in the Queue

  • Congratulations! Your order is officially on the go! Find your name in my calendar below and sit back while I work my magic. I update it daily.

Step Four: Enjoy!

  • Your story will be delivered directly to your inbox, so be sure to check in regularly and bookmark the link!

Outstanding work.

Johnroberts771 – Five Stars

What I’ll need to know:

  • Characters – What are the names, ages, descriptions and roles of the characters?
  • Personalities – What are the personalities and goals of the characters?
  • Setting – Is it indoors, outdoors, in a specific place or in a fantasy world?
  • Perspective – What perspective do you enjoy reading from?
  • Goal – What do you want to have happened by the end of the story?

Some more questions to consider:

How do the characters meet?

Work, gym, job interview, or are they already a couple? I’m happy to explore your ideas.

Is there Consent?

Do both/all the characters want this to happen? (It’s fine if they don’t, this is your story, after all. I just need to know in advance so that I can get the mood right.)

Are they aware of what’s going on? Do they enjoy it? Was this the goal all along?

What kinks do you want to include?

Anything goes – really, I mean it – I’m happy to accommodate any and all kinks except real animals and minors.

I’m experienced at writing:

  • All forms of BSDM, including:
    • Pet play
    • Hypnosis
    • Foot fetish
    • Femdom
    • Cuckold and Cuckqueen
    • Dirty talk
    • Electro-play
    • Sex toy play
  • Teasing
  • MILF
  • Dubious and Non-consent stories
  • Loving couple stories
  • Cross-dressing
  • Anal sex/play
  • Threesomes
  • Gay/Bisexual/Lesbian
  • Transgender
  • Action scenes
  • Vore & gore
  • Stories involving magic and non-real themes

But what about my kink?

If you want to check that I’m OK to write your particular kink, then you can message me here and I’ll be happy to talk with you. If I don’t know about your particular kink, then I will happily research it for you (seriously, I love this stuff, it’s what I do for fun!) and discuss what you want from me with you.

Or, you can check out my FAQs! I might well have your answer there!

So, what are you waiting for?

Don’t hesitate. Shoot me a message to discuss any details or fill out my order form, sit back and await your salacious surprise.
Once you’ve filled out my form, you’ll have a response within 24 hours and I’ll book you in after we’re both fully satisfied with the outline.

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