Morning Thought: The Experience of ‘Pantsing’

Letting your characters lead your story can be a strange experience. You often find yourself heading in directions you never expected, or writing things that you never believed your brain was capable of coming up with.

Morning Thought: My Writing Style

If you’ve ever felt like you ‘have’ to do certain things to be a writer, or if you ever tried ‘plotting out’ your story and felt like you can no longer write, then try ‘pantsing’. You don’t need to plot everything out in order to write a good story. Here’s how I do it.

Morning Thought: The Power of Lists

To work efficiently, you have to know what you’re doing. This is especially true if you’re doing something as time consuming as writing – even if that writing’s erotic – not all sex scenes are over in two minutes, after all. So here’s a piece of advice I was given a long time ago that’s transformed my life.

Morning Thought: Originality in Erotica

How about I ask you to come up with an entirely new sexual position? Could you do it? No? So why are you worrying about your writing? We all know there are no new positions, only new ways to experience them, so apply the same logic to your writing. What makes your story unique, is you, and you’re enough.