Morning Thought: My Writing Style

If you’ve ever felt like you ‘have’ to do certain things to be a writer, or if you ever tried ‘plotting out’ your story and felt like you can no longer write, then try ‘pantsing’. You don’t need to plot everything out in order to write a good story. Here’s how I do it.

Published by Julia Rivers

Hi, I'm Julia. I write custom erotica and read naughty, naughty audio. Check out my site for more information on how to get one of your very own!

One thought on “Morning Thought: My Writing Style

  1. All the writing I’ve ever done has been by “pantsing”. I’ve never plotted beyond the most cursory of ideas formulated in my mind, nor have I ever worked from an outline (how boring!). Once I’m done with a story, I often don’t even recognize my own work – I say to myself, I’m just not that good. In fact, I’ve often thought, there must be some collective assemblage of writers somewhere in the ethereal that got together to write this story.

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