Dear Diary: The Sun, It Burns!

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Day 7

Dear Diary,

Why does the sun exist? Who thought that it’d be a good idea to be diurnal? Seriously? My housemates think that I’m being a drama queen, but they don’t know the things I’ve seen! They don’t know, man! Nocturnal living’s the way forward! It’s so much quieter at night and you don’t have any of that annoying ‘sun’ crap blinding you and waking you up before 16:00. Who needs sunlight, anyway? We have street lights now! Technology! That’s what us university students contributed to the world: Science!


OK, I just googled the guy that invented street lights, and he was definitely a student of science. The guy was a toff from germany called Frederick Albert Winsor, who came to the UK to study, then went to France, then came back to the UK (fuck knows why, it sucks here) and set up the first working street light! 

See! Students are useful.

We aren’t all just alcohol obsessed, sex-crazed bunnies; some of us figure out how to light the world!

I mean, most of us don’t, but some of us do! And I could be one of them. Now, if you’ll excuse me, Chrissy’s invited me to a party to take my mind off my work.

Shut up, everyone needs a break every now and then.

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