Dear Diary: The Pressure is Building…

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Day 6

Oh, my God! Why did I leave this so late? I’ve got three hours until I have to hand it in and I’ve barely written anything! I don’t know what to do! My mind’s completely blank! FUCK!

Fuck, why did I spend so long on the beach yesterday? God, I’m such an idiot! Shit, shit, SHIT!

OK, OK, think… Calm down, take a deep breath. You know this stuff. You do. The Professor loved your- THE ESSAY PLAN! OMG, I totally forgot about it! Holy crap! That’s it! I just have to follow what I wrote in the plan!


OK, this is harder than I thought. I’ve made good arguments, sure, but how am I going to get to the word count? And I’ve got to cite all my sources! Fuck!


This is it. My life’s over. I have a thousand words to go and I can’t think! I’m going to fail everything and then my parents’ll try to tell me it’s alright as they silently judge me for being such a waste of space! They raised a failure! I’m never going to do this!

Chrissy’s going to DUMP ME!


I’m not giving up. That’s what they want me to do! I’ll show them all! I’ll write the FUCK out of this essay!


Fuck, diary, I’m shaking. I handed it in with two minutes to spare and I have no idea if it’s any good. But it’s DONE. I’m going to bed.

There has to be more to life than this…

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