Morning Thought: How to Connect with Characters in Erotica

My darlings, sometimes, the struggle is real. Sometimes you just can’t seem to get into your characters heads. And sometimes, you just plain don’t like them! Here’s how I solve that problem.

Morning Thought: The Key to Erotica

What would you say the key to erotica is? The Characters? The plot? The fact that there having sex? Well, my darlings, over my years of writing, I’ve found one thing that transcends all the rest, and it’s something that so many people miss.

Morning Thought: Characters Characteristics

After a while, keeping your characters distinct can be hard, especially after your first few stories. So, what’s the best way to do it? Well, here’s one hack that I use that hasn’t steered me wrong yet!

Morning Thought: My Writing Style

If you’ve ever felt like you ‘have’ to do certain things to be a writer, or if you ever tried ‘plotting out’ your story and felt like you can no longer write, then try ‘pantsing’. You don’t need to plot everything out in order to write a good story. Here’s how I do it.