Meditations 2: Give me Coffee or Give me Death!

“Coffee is a way of stealing time that should by rights belong to your older self.”

― Terry Pratchett, Thud!

Last night, I was so ready to write something profound. Something inspirational! Something epic. But you know what? I got nada. I woke up, looked in the mirror at the bird’s nest that is my hair, and thought, “Give me coffee or give me death.”

Melodramatic, I know. But I am in the mornings…and in the mid-days…and in the evenings…I’m just melodramatic, OK? I like to live my life as if I have a narrator; it keeps things fun.

But anyway, this got me thinking:

What do I actually need to be happy?

Not want, not crave, not “Oh, life would be kinda suckier if I didn’t have this”. No, what do I need to be happy?

The answer surprised me.

Bar the basics of food, water, shelter and clothes (so I’m not arrested) not much. But one thing that I would always seek out is a way to tell stories.

Stories have become so integral to the person I am today that I genuinely get twitchy if I go a few days without writing at least something. It doesn’t have to be an epic space battle for the survival of the planet. It could be as simple as a description of a vase that’s going to become a key plot point later. It could be the feeling of the sun rising and the light hitting your chest…and you cursing as you realise that you forgot to close the curtains, so now the neighbours can see your Johnson…again.

Stories can be as poetic, as vulgar, or as hauntingly beautiful as you like, and for me, that’s their appeal. I can be myself inside a story. I can explore my ‘dark side’ – trust me, it’s way darker than you think – I can allow myself to be that fluffy, pink-loving princess that I never was as a child – Tomboy Team Represent! – and I can be either male or female, happy or sad, cunning or cowardly; the list goes on. But my point remains, through stories, I get to explore aspects of life that would otherwise be shut off for me by the confines of my particular reality.

And. I. Love. It!

I adore imagining myself into another timeline, another universe, one where I’m free to play with the rules, fiddle with the laws and do whatever I want! I mean, who wouldn’t?

In this story, you can get the girl. In that story you can bang the MILF behind the bike sheds, and in another you can seduce the pro-footballer. You can be as kinky or vanilla as you like, and you can concentrate on the details that matter the most to you.

Into pet play? Cool! Let’s explore that! Want an entire scene described that solely focuses on spanking? Hell yeah! Let’s do it!

Stories bring me alive in a way that nothing else has, and it’s because of this that I’m making them my life’s work. If I had to do it all again, I would still choose this path, and that, my friends, is a wonderful feeling.

So, ask yourself this: What would you still strive to do if you lost it all? If your slate was wiped clean, what would you focus on today? And when you have your answer, open a new door and start putting one step in front of the other to make it a reality.

Dreams become realities when we do small things every day that move us towards them.

Well, I’ll be damned; I did manage to write something profound, after all. And I’m only 3/4 of the way through my cup!

Happy Tuesday, everyone. I hope your day is a beautiful one!

Julia X

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