Meditations: 1

“It is said that your life flashes before your eyes just before you die. That is true, it’s called Life.”

― Terry Pratchett, The Last Continent

It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Loss is something that we all must deal with during our lives and it is never pleasant. It is, however, unavoidable, which begs the question: What do we do about it?

What do we do with the time we’re given and how do we live a quote-on-quote ‘good life’?

The stoics would say that we should live a Virtuous one. The Sophists would say that we should live a Pleasurable one and the Nihilists would say, “What the hell? Nothing really matters, so do whatever the heck you want!”

All ideals have value and all are just that – ideals. We are all mortal, we are all fragile and we are ALL, every one of us, fallible.

We all fall short of these ideals every day. We chose to eat chocolate for breakfast sometimes, we chose to walk past beggars on the streets and we chose to put the bins out late. Everything we do in life is a choice – in fact, I have that very line tattooed on my arm as a reminder – and I know for a fact that this is true. But it doesn’t always feel like it is.

And that’s another issue. We have these pesky things called ’emotions’. We let them fester and brew within us, and they come out in the most unexpected ways. So on top of life, we now have to deal with our reactions to it as well!

It all seems like so much!

How the HELL are we supposed to handle everything? How’re we supposed to process having a job, a family, a life, while constantly being bombarded by thoughts and feelings, constantly reacting to everything around us and still, somehow, remain sane?

It’s an ongoing question, and one that has many many different answers, but one that I’m going to be writing about – and occasionally talking about too – in this blog.

My life has changed dramatically recently, and it will again soon, but there’s one thing that I know for sure: It will continue happening.

To bastardise Marcus Aurelius: It doesn’t matter if your life lasts seventy years, or three days, it will all end the same, so why worry?

We must make the most of the time we have.

And for me, that means spreading happiness. I want to bring joy to people’s lives and I intend to do just that in a way that I’m sure the Sophists would be proud of.

With Erotica!

This will be my daily meditation, my daily diary, my daily thought, whatever you want to call it. Some days it will be short, others it will be long, but it will always be there. Every day, for the rest of my life. This will be my take on existence.

So if you wish to join me on this journey, then subscribe and accompany me on my quest to live a full, complete and, most of all, good life.

Sex is not a sin, nor is pleasure; they’re part of the human condition just as much as movement and thought are. What happens in your head is entirely yours and you are entitled to think and imagine whatever you like. Embrace it. Explore it. And together we can make the world a better place, one orgasm at a time!


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Hi, I'm Julia. I write custom erotica and read naughty, naughty audio. Check out my site for more information on how to get one of your very own!

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