Morning Thought: Seriously…Work Smarter, Not Harder

It’s a tale as old as time, and one that is oft-repeated, but it’s also one that is oh, so very true! Not only do you deserve to not drown under a metric fuck-tonne of stress, but your clients do as well. They deserve to know that the person crafting their product is doing it out of love and care, not caffeine and coke. So, do yourself a favour. You can do it with me. Take a breath, let it out and then… Make A Plan! We’re in this together folks, I’m planning right alongside you! (I even bought a physical diary the other day! It’s now got words and numbers in it. It’s great!)

Published by Julia Rivers

Hi, I'm Julia. I write custom erotica and read naughty, naughty audio. Check out my site for more information on how to get one of your very own!

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