Meditations 7: Erotica is Awesome!

Sexuality is the lyricism of the masses.

—  Charles Baudelaire, 1821-1867, French poet

You know what’s great? Sex. You know what’s even better? Yes, that’s right, sex with a plot!

It’s why I love what I do, and it’s why I adore working with people to bring their fantasies to life. I get to know characters and world’s that I’d never have imagined myself, and I get to talk to interesting people as well as learn something new each day.

Sex and sexuality are at the core of everything we do, be it working out at the gym, learning to become a chef or designing a great work of art, it’s all, in the end, an effort to be attractive and find a mate. Yes, that it’s not all about that, but, deep down, it’s what drives us forward, and I want to embrace that.

I don’t want you to feel ashamed of your desires. I want to celebrate them with you.

I want to hear about your characters and what lies at the core of your story, and I want you to end up with a tale that not only turns you on, but that fulfils your need for a connection as well.

I want to bring your characters to life. I want to make them exist within a world that not only feels real, but that you can fully immerse yourself in.

It doesn’t matter how wacky the premise, or how ‘weird’ the kink – seriously, it’s not weird, but that’s a discussion for another day – I’m here for you.

From biker harem to fancy feet and Femdom, I’ve written it all. Each world was different, each character had their own backstory and each customer left with a smile on their face (and a happy situation in their pants).

I want to celebrate who you are and what makes you unique, because your fantasies deserve it. You deserve it and your desires matter.

If you’re curious about what I charge, then click here to find out. And if you already know what you want, then I’d love to hear from you.

Whether you’re looking for a short story, script or audio, I’ll look forward to finding out what kind of fantasies you have and what kind of tale you’d like me to spin.

If you’d like to see a sample of my work and your particular kink isn’t already up on my site, then sling me an email! is always open!

Julia X

If you’re interested in getting your own personalised erotic story, then check out my site and place your order! Life’s short, so embrace what you want today!

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Hi, I'm Julia. I write custom erotica and read naughty, naughty audio. Check out my site for more information on how to get one of your very own!

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