Morning Thought: How Much Research is Too Much Research?

World building disease is a problem we all face at one point or another, but how do we know when we’ve gone too far?

Published by Julia Rivers

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2 thoughts on “Morning Thought: How Much Research is Too Much Research?

  1. What I’ve found is that in researching facts for extraneous accuracy, one should keep in mind that while the author may not know the veracity of every inconsequential detail, chances are that neither will the reader. Sometimes, you just write something that sounds good and plausible – and then move on with creating the rest of the story.

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    1. Absolutely! There will always be someone who’s an expert around, but the majority of the time, as long as what you’re writing makes sense, then it won’t cause you problems. Over-research can often be as troublesome as under-research. You just have to make sure that the rules are consistent within your world.

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