Morning Thought: How to solve your Control Issues

Here’s the one thing you need to acknowledge to break the anxiety of wanting to control everything. Remember it every day and it’ll make you a stronger, calmer person.

You can be creative… And this is how!

Stop holding yourself back by labelling yourself as someone who can not strive, who can not create and who will not achieve. You have so much potential and this is how you find it.

Morning Thought: Respect your Boundaries

I’ve had far too many conversations about this recently – either people wanting to cross mine or others complaining to me that people have crossed theirs. Boundaries are there for a reason. They tell the world who we are. So the next time someone insists on trying to cross yours, ask yourself why you should even think about letting them, and then, tell them where your line is drawn. I know you can because you are worth FAR more than they are. Explore your limits, by all means, but do it because you want to, not because someone else is insisting you do.

Morning Thought: Take a Step Back

Step Back and gain the perspective you need to see your project through new eyes. Trust me, taking a break might well be the most productive thing you could do all day.