Morning Thought: Embrace Your Insecurities

We all have insecurities, but in order to grow as an individual and creator, you have to challenge them. Embrace what you fear and push your boundaries – after all, no one’s going to push them for you – and see how much you grow.

Morning Thought: Writing New Kinks

New or unfamiliar kinks can be scary at first, but remind yourself, you can always ask questions, and everything was new once. Take the chance to learn and you’ll be surprised what new avenues open to you.

Morning Thought: Giving your Characters, Character

Melodrama’s fine, and it does have a place, but when it comes to erotica, the more real your characters seem, the more relatable they’ll be. You want that relatability in your story and this is how I avoid ‘going purple’ in my work.

Morning Thought: Why I write Erotica

Erotica is far more than just sex – although, that is a fun component of it – and it can give you more than just a happy ending. Here’s why I write it, how about you?

Morning Thought: Character Inspiration in Erotica

How do you find inspiration for your characters? Here’s how I find mine and it’s worked every time. Whether the story I’m writing is erotic or not, this method has never failed.

Morning Thought: Porn doesn’t need a Plot, does it?

The category of ‘PWP or Porn Without a Plot is very much a thing, but is it accurate? Can we really create a story that doesn’t have a plot?

Morning Thought: Health, Wealth and Happiness

Finding balance is the key, but where it lies is unique to each person. I can’t tell you how to balance it for yourself, but what I can tell you is that if you keep moving forward, you will reach your goal.

Morning Thought: How Much Research is Too Much Research?

World building disease is a problem we all face at one point or another, but how do we know when we’ve gone too far?

Morning Thought: Originality in Erotica

There are no new ideas, only new ways to slot them together. As writers, we’re told this all the time, but how many of us actually believe it? How many of us secretly fear that we’re inadvertently ‘copying’ someone else and are going to get ‘found out’? Well, my dears, how about I ask you to come up with an entirely new sexual position? Could you do it? No? So why are you worrying about your writing? We all know there are no new positions, only new ways to experience them, so apply the same logic to your writing. What makes your story unique, is you, and you’re enough.