Morning Thoughts: Finding the Words

Sometimes, the words just won’t cum. Those are the days that you have to sit down, look them right in the eye, and make them. Give voice to what’s buried deep inside, and don’t be afraid to get creative.

Morning Thought: Remember, it’s NOT Personal

When working for clients, every now and then, when they ask for alterations or a re-do, we have to remind ourselves that it isn’t personal.

Morning Thought: Words Have Power

Erotica isn’t just about sex. It’s about far more than two, or three, or four, Or… People meeting and having lots of naughty fun together. It’s about why they got together in the first place. It allows you to form connections and enables you to allow, for a moment, a complete stranger to feel seen. It gives validation.

Morning Thought: Creativity is Like Sex

Creativity is like sex. If you spend too much time doing the same thing for too long, it becomes boring. If you spend too little, you wonder if you’ll ever be able to do it again, and finding that sweet spot is, sometimes, really hard.

Morning Thought: What’s the Difference Between Erotica and Romance?

I find that when thinking about writing, it’s sometimes useful to consider other artistic mediums. After all, they can be equally as explicit if not more so. Sex and sexuality are captivating subjects, and I find that a few simple analogies help when it comes to understanding the difference between Romance and Erotica.

Morning Thought: Don’t know where to start with your erotica? I’ve got you!

Erotica isn’t an easy genre to write for, but it is extremely satisfying. I know how daunting starts can be and I also know that sex scenes are very intimidating. But the way to get over your fear, is to face it. Find your characters voice by throwing them into a scenario and discovering what they do next!

Morning Thought: What I Wish Teenage Me Knew

If I could tell my teenage self anything, it would be this: Alanis Morissette was right. Life is a Jagged Pill to swallow, and fucking up is going to happen. What you need to do now is embrace it. Being wrong ISN’T a bad thing, you DON’T have to know everything right away and you CAN make mistakes.

Alanis Morissette’s Song and Album.

Morning Thought: Good Things Come to Those Who…

Organisation is the key to far too many things in life, but it’s never fun. Well, for some strange people it is, but for me, it was a hard habit to learn. Now that I have, though, I can tell you, that it’s changed everything. My business has grown, my writing has improved and I’ve had time to add in voice readings of my work as well. Everything changes when you learn how to PLAN!